Golden Eagles News · Middle School Girls Volleyball Starts Monday 2/17

Middle School Girls Volleyball Starts Wednesday 2/17, grades 7 and 8

All forms must be completed on FamilyID by Sunday February 14th to be eligible to participate in tryouts starting Wednesday  February 17th. Due to Covid we will only look to keep 10- 7th and 10- 8th graders on each team.



Please share the following information with your players and parents. Winter Sports 2020 is set up in FamilyID and information is able to be completed, athletes that have participated in a sport this Fall or winter only need to complete and download section 7 to FamilyID. Athletes that have not participated in a sport this year will need to complete section 5 and 6 and download them to FamilyID


Spring Sports Family ID 2021  this is the same set up for Winter sports FamilyID you will click on winter 2020 then MS Volleyball

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7


Coach Harris

Coach Snell